• How much does it cost?

    Even with the many services that we offer, we've made it simple to determine the costs for your project.  Gather up your film reels, slides, videotape , etc. and go to our "Get a Quote Now" button on the top of this page.  These costs will be adjusted when the actual job is processed but they shouldn't be far from the estimate.

  • How much film do I have?

    Here's a handy guide:  3 in. reel = 50ft. 5" reel = 200ft. 7" reel = 400ft. larger reels usually = 800-1000ft. Sometimes the spokes of the reels have indicators on them if you don't have a ruler handy.

  • How much can you put on a DVD or CD?

    Each DVD holds about 2 hours worth of videotape or about 1500 ft. of film.  We can get approximately 2,000 slides or photos on a DVD.  Audio CDs hold about 80 minutes of audio.

  • Do you use chapters?

    Yes.  Your film is chaptered by reel, videotape is separated by tape number and slides/ photos are separated by tray or by album.  Otherwise, it is chaptered about every 10 minutes.

  • Do you ship my stuff off?

    No.  You ship your precious memories directly to us and give us the tracking number.  Your shipment goes directly to our processing unit here in Nashville and never leaves our hands.  We ship it directly back to you and give you a new tracking number.  Its that easy!

  • I have tons of camcorder tapes. Can you do them all?

    If you have a closet full of tapes (like many of us) you may want us to put your videotape directly on an external hard drive.  You can provide us the external drive or we can provide one for you.  Then you can burn DVDs yourself, or purchase a device to watch your movies directly from your drive to your television.

  • Will your DVDs play on any DVD player?

    Yes pretty much. All the ones purchased in the last five years or so.

  • What if I want it on another format besides DVD?

    For those of you who want to finish the products yourself we can provide it on most any type of digital format: AVIs, MPEG1/2/4, MOV, imovie, APPLE Final-Cut, AVID express-pro, DV-tape, DVD data, thumb drive, i-pod, digital picture frame, etc. You can send us an external hard drive or we can provide one.

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